Avon's Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Rich Rasberry & Mauve Movement

Hello everyone! 

My friend whose working as a Manager at Avon asked me if I want some of the NEW line of Avon Lipsticks. She gave me Lala Love and Hibiscus but i chose these 2. Let me tell you why. So my obsession or should I just say PHASE?for  buying lipsticks, lip glosses and all has just ended, I think???? But nah, I just purchased a week ago. The I was suppose to get all the shades but I thought of saving(NAKS!). After i tried them on I headed out of my room and took photos. 


I had 1 glazewear before wherein the packaging really looks stunning in an oval shaped tube. Same concept with a black tip/handle on the top. But I think, it's not wrapped like this before. Well probably because a bit of surprise will do for us that why they put a cover in it. And also I think its more hygienic to do so. 

That thing right there will serve as its lock and will definitely secure the wand. 

It's in a plastic tube that I think is the best to keep them but they sometimes make the product the ability to dry faster. So never pump it. I suggest to slowly twist the wand inside than doing to pumping motion. 

Sorry for this but, I have my ways to keep it look new. See how protective I was? If I can still keep the plastic on I will but sadly, I had to tear it all out. I'm doing this to keep the text and logo from fading and to keep it new. Just like what I did to my Fairydrops Mascara (Review HERE). 


 So, I went to Avon to personally swatch them to get my desired color right. 

These are all the lippies that I swatched last week. I just got home a day ago from the hospital in this picture. Can you see the trace of the swero? Ugh! I wasn't able to get the hibiscus because I wanted to use my old lipsticks that I bought just weeks ago. And also, I can't decide because I still wasn't feeling well that time so I went straight home in no time.

The regular wand.  I just noticed that it was a bit softer and the tips fluffier. I liked it! 

The product is rich and has a right sticky texture. The smells great. It doesn't give so much taste that sometimes happen to some of the lip glosses that I've tried before.



I think these will look better if you'll start will a lipstick but the lip gloss itself? Use it for your "Daily Makeup Look" or "No makeup Makeup Look" It really gives a slimmer face. Not only that, it also makes you look younger and healthier. So I suggest using one of these than a bullet. 

  • Rich
  • Moisturizing
  • Last for hours
  • No bad smell and taste
  • Affordable (Get it for only 199PHP)
  • Slim Type(store it inside your purse) 
  • Color is lighter when on my lips 
  • Color is not so consistent

Watched out for more from Avon. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. Type ko yung mauve! Kelangan na talagang makaorder ulit heehee!

  2. I have it in Mauve Movement! Used it in this look: http://clarisselitiatco.blogspot.com/2013/08/tutorial-sweet-surprise-with-avon-colors.html. Super like ko yung color but I have the same CON. Lighter siya sa lips as compared to the color on the tube. :)

  3. Pretty colors! Makes me want to purchase too since they're affordable, Thanks for sharing :D


  4. Very nice lip gloss pala tong avon I have din like this pero in different shade and I haven't use it pa maybe one of this days.

  5. Wow! Reminds me of the Careline lipglosses na na discontinue dati... super pigmented nila! and love the colors :)


  6. I love the packaging and the the colors you chose!

  7. I’m using Rich Raspberry…I love the color but I dislike the scent a little bit.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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