Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara in Black

At last! After months of keeping this review on my drafts folder I'm now ready to share this to you, ALL. For a simple reason, since I SO love this Mascara, I really want to make a very honest review. And I think 2 months is enough. So here it is...

Eyeing for that FAKE falsies look? Hohgawd!
I've been looking for something that'll help me to have that "nakaka-fake" look for my not-so-long ; not-so-short eyelashes before. But, Thanks to Virginia Olsen (REVIEW HERE)  See what I'm talking about.

So, how would you like your upper and lower eyelashes to look like in an special event or a simple date? At first, I wasn't aware that I almost use falsies for everyday for I think a month and seriously,I got tired of doing the same thing and my eyelids got irritated because of the glue(I wore falsies for almost 10-12 hours). Imagine the hassle it gives for the love of beauty and yeah, just to have a better looking eyelashes, Agree?

Since I started to be somehow "obsessed" with mascaras, I couldn't help myself but to use it everyday (even if I'm just at home) It's giving me confidence of some sort. Though I know, you shouldn't take risk on buying or storing a lot of mascaras because they have a shorter shelter life/span. 

I really love the fact that it is so colorful that it manages to look so fab and expensive(well, it's kinda though) And actually, until now, I haven't pulled the outside clear cover yet just to protect it. WIRDO! I know! HAHA. 

Packed in a textured carton like a photo paper with a very attractive and though some of it's content's are in Japanese characters, it is still quite readable because the important words are in English. 

The instructions. Too cute huh?! A step-by-step photo will help you to do it the best and right way.

Thumbs up for this! I don't know why I super super love this. I couldn't say something else but to use it instead. 

We are used to use mascaras the fastest way we can just to keep it longer because some really dries up easily. And maybe, because of the way we use it? the pumping motion (guilty?! HAHA) we do to get the product on the wand? It's a no-no (though there are some that also don't dries up by pumping it instead, the air that goes inside help to build the product on more). This doesn't dries up that easily(another reason why I love this) and the brush on the wand by time and usage, it doesn't get any harder. This is a very late post(cos I really want to know and test it myself first), I tried it so many times and I can still remember the feeling of  curling my eyelashes using this and up until now it doesn't change the feeling. And those fibers in it will also help your E/L to look longer. 

The majestic wand. This will improve and will help you to curl your lashes even without using a curler. 
And also, this wand will help you to reach the corner of your eyelashes. 


Taken last 2-3 months ago. My eyelashes looks shorter, right?
Look how it lifts my eyelashes even if it's short it still gave them a volume and length. 

And now, look how longer they are now and look how pretty they look like now. 
I really think that at some point, you really need a good mascara to pair with your eyelashes, long or short they will help you to boost it up! 

Bought this for a cheaper price all thanks to SIS.
Thank you, Stuffinstyle

  xo, A. 

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  1. Wow, this product really does look promising. I just maintain one mascara and will try others once I'm my current run out because of the short shelf life nga. Too risky to buy too much. Haha!


  2. This product is really a must-try! Looks good on you :) and maybe you can visit my blog too sis and perhaps we can follow each other? Thanks. Keep in touch!



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