Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

Hello Havaianaticos!!!! 

It's 2013 and YES! It's MYOH time. I couldn't get any happier with this news.(though it is so much anticipated huh?) Well, I got an invite from them to come to their private opening this May 1(No work for me, Hooooray!), At Rockwell Tent wherein they always celebrate it there. 
Thank you, Havs!!! 

I couldn't think of anything but NEW PAIR of Havs! 
But know what There's something waiting FOR us! And it is actually released today! Visit their page for more info. 

I would say that this is something new, feels like there will be a lot of new ones and changes.

So, the PUBLIC OPENING will be on MAY 2-5, 2013 from 10AM onwards.
See you there and let us spread the GOOD NEWS!!!! :)
I so love MAY. Not only because it's my Birth Month but also, it's the month where MYOH is usually held. Could help myself but to wait. It's like my a post-birthday celeb! Kidding! *giggles*

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