Curl your hair w/o using heat.

After work, we went to Megamall and I was on track for a task, grocery with ze boyfriend. Since I was at the office earlier for work I always bun my hair to keep it clean and simple. Yearly for 5 years straight, I always go to the salon to get my hair permed but I got tired. So, I've decided to make a way to keep the curl or make it look like it was. And sice I always bun it, I separate my hair in 2 or 4 to get a better curl. I got hairpins on and I'll tie my hair for an hour or two(depends on you) then make sure to keep them in place. But I would suggest to put some moose first while your hair is a bit wet then clip it the way you want it. 

See you it looks so natural and this step will give you more curled ones thank using the heat.
Since heat might damage your hair or will cost you a lot for those hair maintenance, keep it simple, keep it beautiful. 

It's bouncy, soft and natural. I know that there are more to steps to do it but this one's the fastest and easiest for me. Since I'm working, I don't have time curl them ad curling them might damage them even more. 

After an hour, it still looks good. Actually you can spray it with a spray-net just to make the curls to stay longer. But for me, I don't usually use that because not only your hair might get damaged but also you can save by not buying for maintenance, right? 

Look how beautiful and natural they look.
Gawd! The easiest and faster way to get an instant curl. 
I hope you learn something from me today! 

The lipstick that I wore here is from IN2IT. A long-lasting waterproof lipstick that can last for almost a day. 

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