Sigma DUO Brushes (F82 & F84) Review

I got these months ago and I would like to share how awesome these babies are! 
When I started buying stuffs for myself I would like search or if a friend suggest it i'll probably get myself, too. And, the most important thing to me is the quality. First look, It does look so good, very pro and that image that it'll work for you.
The handle is very perfect for my hand, suits very well and because the diameter is not-so-bi, not-so-small, just right. 

I use this for foundations. A small amount will go a long way because this helps me build the product on my face. 

It's very soft, the length of the bristles is just right. And if you look closely, it has a lot and I think it is built for a better "building phase" of the brush, agree? 

Angled for your cheeks. This one, I can't live without. I need this for my chubby cheeks, they are much more in need of contour. 

See how beautiful engraved name of sigma? Look very professional. 

So soft that it takes so much of my time to use it more. HAHA

Very dense brush is the best one to use for our face. Not only it does it's job but alo, it doesn't leave any streaks on the face and can give you airbrush finish. 

For months now, the brush still look great. Performs better and don't fall apart.
I think it's because I trained myself to keep it in shape by using brush guards and it helped me and my brushes a lot. 

See, still looks new and the performance just got better.
Thank you, Sigma.
I think I'll get myself a set this month for my birthday. 

Enjoy! For now, I'll be out of the town to relax and meditate. 
See you SOON! 

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  1. Beautfiul make-up brushes. Wala pa ako ni isang Sigma. Hope to own one soon.

    XX, IamJenniya


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