Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

CAUTION: Photo Overload!!!

What is MYOH?
For us Havaianaticos, this ones the biggest event of the year. We gather yearly to make our own pair of  Havaianas. It's an special event wherein you can select your own pair of soles, straps and yes, pins. A lot of friends use havaianas and some of them find about the event thru me and I'm happy to share this with them. And let me share this wonderful experience to you, my readers. 

Yearly, MYOH celebrates this event at the Rockwell Tent (in MLA) Yes, they also have it in Visayas and Mindanao. And since I went to their private opening (they invited us privately thru email), Lucky Girl here! 

And so, upon entering, I had to give the invitation for confirmation and this makes me giggle. I felt the excitement more and makes me go crazy to check-in and eventually share it together with my updates and purchase. 

And you will receive a Registration Form and all you have to do is to fill it up for I think next year's MYOH, agree? 

This will help you to create your pair/s. 

The menu. Gawd! I can see a lot of combination. :) 
But I know, I told myself to save and just get one, Augh! A very sad truth! HAHA. 

Pins are your straps bling bling.
And I'm eyeing for those. The Owl and Hot Air Balloon pins. 

That Bicycle one is for mt partner because yes, he is a biker. 

Wheels like this will also help you to choose and decide what to color to get or so. 
Just make sure to make a final decision which is a very hard thing to do. HAHA. 

Yearly they have an special theme or inspiration that leads to a commemorative pair of slippers.
And this year, they collaborated with DanMatutina. And my boyfriend decided to get himself one because last year he got the Brasil Edition (OH! I'm not sure). 

The entrance seems to looks so whimsical. Silent outside but when you're already inside you'll get to see this years theme. Roll down please...

Guarded by this man who looks very excited, too. 

Tanan!!!! A black room full of this things. Everything pops! Ohh! I'm inlove! 
I was actually surprised when I got in, since it's a private event it's very limited and as you can see you can most likely move around. 

But when this opens for the public? believe me, you might spend hours waiting. But with my experience  it only took us an hour. Not bad! 

I think there's a thing like this in BGC. A very tricky decision to spend a lot of havs just to build this. 

He isn't my assembler but he's so kind and funny.

Choosing and deciding at my weakest. HAHA. I really hate deciding, I mean, in this case? Can I just get them all? HAHA.

His Kevin, my partner's assembler. 
He's putting those bicycle pins at his choice of strap. 

Finally, Mine is already done. That does the job in creating havs. Putting them together in an instant. 

New found friends. The wearing red's from UP, KEv is from ADMU and Theo's from ADMU also. 
See how Havs  bring them together ANd I really wanna join this team next year(I just don't know HOW) and probably, gain friends again. 
They're the funniest that time. Oh! Thank you, trio! 
'Til next time.


I was just disappointed on this  part of the area. The room is  very small we almost bump into each others body while paying. Augh! And also, the translation was a bit slow. I don't know if it is about our credit card or what. Oh well! 

My menu was placed into a box afrter paying. For records, maybe? 

 Look what I got, Recently, I'm loving gold, rose gold that's why I got myself this gold metallic strap, 
And since It's summer and I still want to enjoy it, I went for a neon color which is lime green. They look good together huh!? And of course, the pins. If only I can fill that strap with just owls and HAB pins? I will. But I think it'll be a disaster to walk with it full of pins and might get heavy, too, 

I enjoyed it this year as well as last year, And I am looking forward for more. 
Do you also went at MYOH? What did you got there? Share it with me by commenting below.

Thank you, guys! 
I should sleep now, I still have work tomorrow. See you on my next blog! 

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