iWhite Korea's Package for ME + News + Giveaway

 Hello everyone! 

I got some package from iWhite Korea and I'm excited to share them to all of you. 
Packaging was so nice and yes, I had a hard time opening it. Chos! 
You guys know how I love their product and you know how great their products are (Again??) LOL 

Teehee!!!  iWhite Korea has been so sweet of me and other BLoggers as well and take note, they always personalize its packaging before they ship it out to us. Sweet ha?! 

I was so excited to see these. A new and improved Aqua Moisturizing Cream in a bottled blue potion shape. How cute are these? I swear! I might keep these and not throw them away. LOL

I need to sleep now, I shall talk to you all soon. 
Goodnight. Giveaway next week!

 xo, A. 

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