Etude Playhouse Princess Academy (Day 2)

Hello everyone! 

So, I know some of you already heard about what happened "BIG" at exactly a week before. It was a day of fun and surprises! I was totally amazed on how they did it smoothly. Etude house products has always been one of my favorite probably because of their effective products though I really don't like K-pop(no offense to those who love them)*wink*  and their Drawing Eyebrow (Review HERE)  which was my first eyebrow weapon. And also they have products that are so affordable but truly effective and will rule and save your life. HAHA. And finally, the reason why I like them is that, they make you feel like you are a Princess. Honestly speaking, I always wanted to be oh c'mon! Who doesn't? The way they greet you and the way they serve you? It's so Princessy. LOL. And I think the most important thing you want to get in any store is that the way they make you feel and be while inside their store. Then prolly that's the time you start to like them ad their products. 
Talk about Princess. In every castle there is one Princess and here you can see upon entering their event place a simple but an eye catcher style of their arc. 

A very organize way of receiving and stamping our tickets. 
These two ladies gave me of course what else do a Princess need? A tiara. I was so happy when they handed it to me. I feel like I was when I placed it on the top of my head. What a lovely feeling I got. 

The first booth that I and my friend, Jhessica visited. An experience of having your picture taken in an almost perfect set up. And who doesn't get hyper when you see a pink room or event just an outfit set up like this. 

And this? I didn't bother myself to try this simply because I'm terribly shy. HAHA. But my friends did and I was just watching them. A Gwiyomi  moves to basically record your version. An I can't do that! HAHA.

Its almost 1:00 pm and the crown was still busy lined and piled for games ad other activity offered.

The free pink macaroon and a heart shaped pink cookie. Oh I love Macaroons. 

An example game that I was able to see. The mechanics are so easy. You have to kiss the lips of an K-pop star while your eyes are blindfolded using a hanky. Don't worry the photo was kept sanitize in every person that will attempt to try so, it's sure safe.  

This was actually looks fun. The most loud game I've ever heard while I was there because people kept on shouting and teaching where the girl should kiss 

And of course, what's Etude without makeups and makeovers. I'd love to but I would rather keep my own makeup because I had makeup on my face when I got there. But I saw teenagers had their makeup done here and they look gorgeous. A more vibrant, young and fresher teenies. 

Here we go. The main reason why I went there was because of the talks that they will be discussing. Why? Basically, you can learn from it though I know some it's a different feeling you get when you hear it from somebody else that by just reading. Why? because they have already experience it their way so practically hey will just share and all you have to do is to just listen ad absorb. 

Almost all of participants were able to listen though they are inline. The stage was at the middle and of course, they used mics so basically anybody can hear it. 

Talks tackled was about fashion first. A young named stylist went over to share tips on what to wear. 
I wasn't able to take a photo of him because I was listening and my camera act up. So there are more starts who joined us to the event and also played some game. 

The best part? Bianca Valerio's Makeup 101. Though I've seen her few times and got some tips already. She never ceased to surprise me with more. 

Even this lady was amazed by her job. 

After hours of enjoying I was just able to do 4 out of 12. I was attacked by my migraine and comforted by my dear friends. Overall, I had fun and so with my friends. I missed them! And here are some personal photos that I had during the event. 

With the host, Carla Humpries. 

Ella Cruz. She's so adorable and sweet. She's my friends niece. 

Bianca Valerio. A girl of perseverance. I adore her so much. 

My lovely date that day who never left me behind. I love you, Jhes! 

Look at my face! I look terrible because I'm suffering from migraine. But I still had the guts to pose. Very me. HAHA. 

Friends that i gained from blogging. 

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The Perks of Blogging is that you gain true friends. Yes, true. I know they are and we are almost a year old together. And also they are my reason why I decided to go to the event. I want to be spend time with them. 
Overall, everything went well and though the program ended, games are still on. And oh! My fellow Blogger won the contest, Shebby. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. Hi Ana thank you for the bonding next time ulit ha? Hope your feeling ok na kinda worried on your previous post :(

    1. Thank you, Mareng Gina. I'm feeling better now. Let's see each other again next time ha. :) Love you, mare!

  2. Kita kita ulet! Miss you guys already :)


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