St. Ives (Fresh Skin) Apricot Scrub

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Hello again, ladies.
I'm blogging from work and I just want to share to you my latest discovery. Since I have no time to go to a facial center I've decided to find a good scrub to use with my Neutrogena Wave(also soon on my blog). Before, I really want to try the Green Tea one for Blemish control because I really love Green Teas but I think I don't need it more than this one.

Our Beauty Philosophy
St. Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they leave you skin with soft, fresh feel. We understand that little everyday choices we make help to better your life. That's why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products. 
- St. Ives

I was actually entertained by this and it is a signal for me to try it. It really convinced me to make it short. (Ohh! I know I'm weak HAHA)


Back Part.

I like reading the back part of a product before buying it. Cos I really want to be familiar on whats in it. Do you also like reading it? 

That kind of nozzle is just fine with me but I'll appreciate it more if it is in a squeeze kind.
It'll be easier to control and it looks more hygienic, I think.  And what I also like is that this one is a Hypoallergenic and Non-Comedogenic which means that this don't block your pores    that will reduce the incidence of having pimples. And I think that is a good news. But non-comedogenic products can still cause skin rashes or maybe the worst part? irritation. Let's see this. :) My skin's not so sensitive but it reacts fast if I'm really allergic into something.  Also, it doesn't have Parabens that mainly used as preservatives cosmetic industries. Another, Good news! :) 

I like how consistent and light it is. The smell is very neutral, not so plain, not so stinky. And honestly, I really love the smell of this. So apricotty and fresh. I can imagine the smell of spring every time I inhale & exhale (feeling nasa states?! HAHA).

Now, can you see those little scrubs over there? That will do the job. They will scrub out your dead skin and will eliminate bacteria's. And the result? A fresher & glowing looking face in an instant. Aside from it exfoliates your skin it also deep cleans your pores. Ohh! Waw! those are I think  serious matters to us, girls. 

Deep seated bacteria's, makeups, oils and other stuffs that we put and also dead skin cells are a NO-NO for us. But with this, I think it somehow reduced my problem (well,I really don't  have much more of a concern for my face cos I don't have blemishes, dark spots and etc. All I need is to mainly maintain it's appearance and also those cells or what on my face. And I already found it! This is a must try. I highly suggest this for those who are just looking for a maintenance that is obviously, for a long term use. 

After applying, it gave a cold minty feeling and washing it is the easiest. 
Your skin will feel pampered after minutes of massaging and scrubbing it on yo your face. 

Clock's tickling and I still need to do something.
No goodbyes, just see you later...
More to come...


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xo, A. 

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  1. I'm an avid user of St. Ives scrubs. I just love how smooth and squeaky clean my face feels after scrubbing. I used to use the Fresh Skin variant but I found that it was apparently too harsh for my skin, which is why I switched to the Blackhead and Blemish Control

    1. Oh.. I see. I'm on my 2nd week of using this but I think it works for me. I hope that one will work for you better. :)

  2. Been using it for months now and I love it. And falls exactly in my budget. :)

    1. Hello! I agree with you!!! This only cost 60-70 Pesos. Budget friendly! :)

  3. Would love to try this out soon. I'm actually looking for a new facial scrub to try out. Thanks for the review. :)



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