Rock a Bike, Baby.

Hey ladies!

It has been a busy week for me (It has always been since I got this job! HAHA) and last weekend was a long one but still find time to unwind and be with my loved ones and yes, friends. And since I have to visit our branch in Gateway, Cubao, we always plan to go after my work in our friend’s bike shop in Cubao Expo to catch up and somehow eat (Oh! Men! Foods along the 4 sides of Cubao Expo are all delish).

Anyway, Can you still remember you “kiddo” day when you used to ride a bicycle with or since you were a starter then you used “balancers” on the side?  This used to be my past time when I was in my Elementary and High School years. My Father would always say buy me new one I think of stopping (‘cos probably he wanted me to be physically fit) and biking is not easy when you can’t and don’t know how to balance yourself, your body.

My partner would always tell me to buy one for myself now that I’m older, I need to be more physically fit and of course, reason why he would always say that is that; he himself is a Biker at heart. He would go places with Cyan (he named his bike CYAN though it’s really colored purple, Weirdo!) We would climb not-so-high mountains with it. And srsly, it’s crazy! But I know he needed it and I also do. Ugh! I can’t commit myself for now though we live in the city of Ortigas where in we could easily get along. Basically, my time is so flexible as long as I have deadlines but instead of biking I guess, I would rather sleep and eat. And now that there is an easier way to somehow exercise my body, that is, swimming. Taking a dip almost everyday to just calibrate my lungs. HAHA. Don’t laugh, it’s true. HAHA. 

I got my bag from a thrift store in our place years back and the pair of shoes I'm wearing? Zalora, Darling! I'll blog about it soon. HAHA. I think it's my 4th or 5th purchase on their site. *wink* 

I really can't tell why my partner would always encourage me to join him and his gang on this event of their lives. And I thought about it again, Health wise it's really convincing to pound on this thing and to somehow work things out after months. Who knows one day, you'll thank them. 

So, what do you think? Could this work on you? I would love to hear something from you. If only I have spare time and less work? Ugh! I would try to do this everyday but again, always prioritize your body because they also have limitations. 

x, A

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