Hey ladies!

Ever wonder why we, women or men opt to choose pastel/light colors to wear, display or simple use? Probably because of it's lightness/softness that it gives to our eyes. Basically, for me, it somehow means harmony than those darks and striking colors. It somehow has a  low contrast in our eyes and that I think gives our eyes an easier work to do than to look at striking, neon or popping colors.

There are a lo t of colors we see almost everyday and it's probably a million shade, color or hues. We don't know but you wouldn't want to see limited colors and I'm pertaining to darks and striking one. It's always been a great way to start your day with these shades of color to somehow bring "good vibes" to your day and who would know the next thing you know, it's a good one.

It's really not wrong to just play with colors but make sure that each of it compliments each other and that you don't cause pain to their eyes. I mean, Hello! Of course you'll be out with those on and you wouldn't want to see them avoiding you, meaning they don't want to look at you because of the colors you wear, right? 

It always brihten-up my mood whenever I wear this kind of color and that it gives me a clean sophisticated look and you can't go wrong with that simple description that you can get. *wink* 

And the best way to wear clothes? Be in your most fashionable & fab BUT comfortable outfit whenever  wherever. 

Dress from Forever 21
Shoes from Zalora
Nine West bag from Elleshop (visit their Facebook HERE

x, A

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