Day 1: #100happydays of Ana Alina

Hey everyone! 

Okay, I joined this website challenge called #100happydays and I have been hunting for "happy" books just to motivate me more to be happy. So, I'll elaborate more of this on a weekend but for now let me share my Day 1. 

Day 1: #100happydays 

I' saw this book called Happy Project by Gretchen Rubin and I swear since then I wanted to have one for myself. Days and months passed I opt to stay on my current read, Aleph by Paulo Coelho. When I was about to buy it was currently out of stock then. Transferred to different bookstores and mall but still they ain't got a copy anymore. When I finally got a piece I wasn't able to start reading it for some reason I don't know. 

Yesterday, I opened it already. Then read this #100happydays on the web and I was like "lucky me" Perfect timing!  Hoooooray! Thank you our dear Creator for being so perfect in everything. 

Last night, I was looking somewhere to end my night and ended up in a Resto near my place in Ortigas then my friend told me that #KANTOBREAFAST has their branch near where I had my dinner and so I went there, got my self a piece of Flappy Pancake and I was so "bitin" and since I had a bit before I head there I promised myself that I'll have my dinner here the next day and so I did. 

Just after work I headed up straight to our unit put down my bag and head straight in Kapitolyo. 
Then I ordered these two(2) for dinner. I was laughing hard coz I wasn't looking for rice or so but pancakes!!! 

This plate cost 30 pesos ONLY. Potato wedges with a cream and pesto on the side. Isn't that cheap and fab looking? Not only that, it's so delish and it's a plate of carbs. 

This is it! My 3 layers of Flappy  Pancakes. Since iHop is so mainstream, try these! UGH! Can't get enough of them. I will be coming back for more and I eat them I think I should also think of "HOW" to loose them, right? *wink*

So, this made my day. My day was long and tedious but hey! There could be a reason why we should wait for a day to end. And this is my reason to be happy today and of course, I will be forever happy with my family and everything I have.

x, A

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