Day 2: I feel BLUE. #100happdays


I know that this post should be a #10happydays post but things are really rel and somehow you can't control me. So, I was feeling a bit sad of this certain issue that I have at work and some personal stuffs. And so, I'm challenged, since I'm tired and feeling a bit exhausted, too, my mouth wanted to drink something and so I find something to drink and I got this and a bottle of Nutella. Everytime I feel sad and/or worried my instincts got me. I always wear blue if so. It's my second day of wearing blue and now I know why.

And these caught my attention and made me happy today. These maybe simple and little to take note of but  it so relieving.  With these, I know that there could be more to be happy about and look forward. Simple things happens and given for a reason ad probably for now, to make me simply happy. 


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