Generous Love and Support.

Hey hey! 

How's your weekend? Oppps! Your long weekend? Mine did very well and we got in our new place up north and still fixing and patching things in here.  And so I wanna share a short story from my break at work. I got a pouch-full of beauty products from my friend who's in the US. She sent me these thru her sister last November or December and yes, I just got my hands on them yesterday. Drove from Las Piñas to Parañaque to our new home in Ortigas just to get these babies. Nadj once asked me what shades do I want, I answered any, cos I'm not really familiar with the shade numbers but I wanted a red and a black bullet case. And she just told me last friday that she sent me more than two(2) so I've decided to get them to here sister whose residing near our home up south. 

Months ago, I planned to get myself this Glamoflauge from an online store but decided not to since I have a lot then. Now I know why I didn't bought it it's because someone will for me. I'm overwhelmed by her support on my passion, makeup. One more thing, I can't really remember how we became  friends on Facebook and how we started talking but Thank you, Nadj! May GOD Bless you more. 



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