I feel blue. Lola, I miss you!

Hey everyone!

These photos are all taken at the Cemetery last 2 weeks ago. Yes, It's been 2 weeks and I'm posting it just now. Reason why is...  I just can't seem to move on with my dreams then. I'm missing my Grandmother so much that she would appear in my dreams.

I have been obsessed with sunglasses since my high school days but when I my eyeglasses on I stopped buying them. But now that I'm to 20/20, I'll  start again, maybe? And with a new and chic designs of it. Sunnies by Charlie offers a wide variety of designs and range of sunglasses  with an affordable price. At first, I cannot believe how cheap the prices are and not to mention the artists they have as their endorsers.  

Forever 21 dress.  A vintage bag, un-dyed part of my hair  and swelled eyes.

My latest pair of sandal and more, HERE. Got it from Zalora. They've been so fast and easy to deal with transactions. And did you know what tamed me? A pair of shoes from Zalora, as always. :) HAHA. Sometimes, apart from being so conscious with everything you do, you just have to sit and think once in a while. Lola, I miss you! 

*posting this while crying* :'(

x, A

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