Call it ARK. Leggings Overload.

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Hey everyone!

We all know that a lot of us here in the Philippines and in our country are experiencing the "cold"  and "winter" season wherein we have to be in our comfy and warm clothes. The weather makes every thing more exciting. Its like dealing with the something that you can't control nor handle. Since the whether is uncontrollable We, humans have the power to adjust from being a couch potato up to the most productive being in the world.

So, there are a lot of things to do to warm things up. And one of those is to wear a leg warmer or what we often time call, Leggings. With that it'll help you feel a bit cozy and warm at the same time. And let me introduce a quality brand call, ARK.

 Independent fashion company based online and throughout the UK stocking our own labels CLOAK + Hearts&Bows plus Fred Perry and Motel
ARK opened its first store in The Corn Exchange in Leeds in 1992. The shop was originally opened to fill a gap in the market for a fresh, music-influenced street wear retailer in Leeds. 
The store was an immediate success and grew quickly in size. In 1994, we opened in York which was soon followed by our first store in Sheffield. Stores then followed in Nottingham, Derby and Manchester. 
We opened our 7000 square foot Store on The Headrow in Leeds. Shortly followed by the Ark concept store in The Westfield Centre, Derby.

ARK has now grown into a 10 store retail operation with a distribution centre just outside Leeds. You can shop at our internet sales arm, safe in the knowledge that we are also a bricks and mortar retailer who offers unrivaled customer service.  
I was totally amazed to know that they hold a lot of brands in United Kingdom and offering a wide variety of clothes online.  And one of them is their leggings. I've always been a fan of wearing it. Since my Mother already has it since she was not yet married to my Father, she always wear leggings probably because of the year she's into that time. Leggings are very well know since 1980s to 1990s and people come on go wearing them up until the 20th century.

And now that everything is re-created, we now have a wider variety to choose from and not to think and say that people would consciously and unconsciously wear it almost everyday in their lives because of it's comfiness.

I've been hunting a leather skirt which fortunately can be found locally but opted not to get one then I've decided to get a leggings instead cos it's much easier to pair it with anything and it hide more of my skin. 

photo courtesy: ARK

ARK offers  these kind of leggings in UK, a quality and fashionable brand. Their prices are all worth it but unfortunately, I can't have one of these cos the shipping might score more than its retail price.  Will hope to own one soon. And the best thing They give discounts to students. View here. 

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This is a paid post. 

x, Ana

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