Majorlica Majorca Lash King Mascara

Hello everyone!

I had this Mascara for so long and I haven't reviewed it yet. If there is one thing I can't leave the house without it would be three(3) things: A Pink Lipstick, Bronzer and a Mascara. Why? Pink Lipstick because it brings out the young feeling in you that can booze your confidence. Second, Bronzer. I have a chubby cheeks so I need this (no explanation needed HAHA), and Third, a Mascara. It's the simplest way for your eyes to look awake and give your eyes a more lively look. Agree? 

The price is so reasonable but I think they always have this promo, get this for only 499.00 PHP. Get them at the nearest SM Dept. Store near you. 


Here's my thought on this. The fact that the packaging is in Gold, and we all know that gold last forever, right? The product inside also last for long. Seriously, I had a hard time pulling it off my eyelashes. 

The wand has a feature for better application. Also, it is just right for the fake hairs to hold on to. And when spread it deposits right amount of fake hairs depending on how hard you sneak inside of the tube. 

This is just a coat of it. See how gives my eye life? And it look longer than it used to be because of those fake hairs that are on the top. And notice my lower eyelashes? I just realized that I have plenty down there right after I managed to put this mascara on them. I just noticed that it has a chemical smell and sometimes it makes my eyes teary a bit. 

  • Long-lasting.
  • Waterproof and tear-proof.
  • Contains fake hairs that will help your lashes to look longer.
  • Doesn't smear when under the sun.
  • Doesn't dry fast in the tube. It has a same consistency after months of using it.
  • Wand doesn't became any stiffer.
  • Has a chemical smell that irritates my eyes makes it teary.

Just a tip. 

Since this is a waterproof and tear-proof mascara, any makeup remover that is in water-based form will not be able to pull it away. So you better use an oil-based kind of a remover. Try Etude House's Mascara Remover. 

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