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Hello everyone!

I went to the Urban Bazaar a month ago I think, and I saw this kiosk full of bracelets , earrings and necklaces. I know for a fact that girls really love and admire things like these, right? I have few authentic golds and silver which my parents gave to me and I keep them up until now. Those were gifts to me and I shall take extra care of them. And we know that authentic accessories differ in style, quality and most of all, price. The bigger the karat, the more expensive it gets. 

Given the chance to make a choice, I would probably choose or rather list down the things that I want to have. Then months ago, I was into following accounts on Instagram and I personally shop there, too. I somehow look for the quality first, next would be the shipping and lastly, the price. Then I noticed some accounts who sells golds and silvers. 

I admire things that are in each form like Crowns, Eiffel Tower, Airplanes, etc.  And I was thinking then, Where the heck on earth can I get them(pendants). Then thought of looking around. Lexie and Co. cater every accessory that a girl needs. And yes, I found my pendants to them. Here are some of their items and all the photos I'm using here are from them. So, Please  visit their FB Page and hit LIKE! 

You can reach them thru Instagram: @lexieandco and of course on FB: Lexie and Co. 

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