Celéteque Brightening Multi-benifit BB Cream

Hello everyone! 

What became BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients' skin after surgery. Introduced to South Korea and Japan in 1985 – where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized – the cream was hailed as "the secret of Korean actresses," and was heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities - Wikipedia 

BB Cream is an all in one cosmetic product that replaces too many serums to put on our face before putting some foundation. Like moisturizers, sunblock and other beneficial product that our skin basically need. In short, All-in-one product that we practically need if your skin doesn't need so much coverage. 


As always, Céleteque produces a variety of products which looks almost the same packaging and yes, all are effective. Though they somehow vary in look, each of them has it's own way of making our skin better. 

I really admire products that has a clear ingredients list in it. I feel so respected and that feeling I get, the importance they give to their customers is a big part of having a loyal customers and users of their product. 

The nozzle has a tiny hole and I think it's one of the perfect way of releasing the product out of a bottle. In short, you can maximize the amount of the product inside. 


Since the product has a power of two use, a foundation and also acts as a moisturizer, the elements of each has the ability to give the best for your skin. It is a water based product that will surely benefit your skin, basically, our skin is the biggest part of our body that needs a lot of water since it is the largest part of our body. 

The texture is so soft that when it touches your skin you'll feel it glide and sits to your pores.And with that, it will give your skin a better look, a smooth and fresh one. The smell is so good that it will stay the whole time. It comes with just one(1) shade and I just find it so sheer to my skin tone. It does cover blemishes as well but I find it so translucent that you won't even notice it on your skin but you will know that it is there because it will give you result that you will surely like. 

I like how it gives my skin a powdery look. A perfect weapon for those who are always on the go. Sometimes, I don't bother myself puffing some powder on top of it. A soothing look, right? A smooth finish will entertain your  whole day. Just make sure to bring oil blotters with you most especially when you are in warm part of a room or okay, the "weather".

  • Has a very good scent.
  • Gives your skin a smooth finish.
  • Subtle coverage (just right for everyday use).
  • Affordable.
  • Handy enough to fit inside my bag.
  • Cover blemishes.
  • Gives a powder finish.
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • One(1) shade only.
  • So sheer that some spots can't be covered. 
I just finished a tube and got myself a new one. 


  1. wow sana may smaller version nito or yung nasa sachet type para masample diba =)

  2. ooh, this look nice! i have yet tried this and it look so nice on your skin ^_~ thanks for sharing =)

  3. It's so watery though, does it still feel like a BB cream?

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