ETUDE HOUSE CC (correct & care) Cream 8 in 1 Multi -Function

Hello everyone!

It has been quite awhile since I got something for my face and I thank Etude House for giving me this. Read my Haul (HERE). Personally, a good foundation is fine with me that's why I don't use BB Creams or CC Creams. But for the love of makeup, I will. Who doesn't want a flawless looking face? A better treated face? We all do. Basically, the reason why I don't need to full or heavy coverage on my face is that, my face doesn't have a lot of flaws and I am so thankful for that. So I've decided to try this one out for a better result. 


The box really looks great, paper/boxed is glossy and it gave the product a more high end looking, srsly. And although the box looks big and long the product inside of course is smaller.  

And it was written in Korean. Good thing that it has an English translation in it. 
A smart and honest way of selling/marketing. Because I think, as a costumer it is very important to know the directions of use and it's content the way that I can understand it. A simple instruction can make a big impact on the product. 

So this is the whole thing. A sleeker container of the product that promised a better look and a healthier skin upon and after using the product. 

The pump releases so much at times in short, you don't have a control over it which might lead to putting so much on your face or the worst part, into waste since you don't need a lot. Because this is a "a little goes a long way" product. 


I was just about to pump a little and it gave me this. Gah! I might run out of this soon if the pump will continue to release this kind of amount. Don't you think? But, I'll find a way and probably lighten my pumping motion. HAHA. 

It's so white!!! It's a rich formula which I believe will give my skin a thicker looking layer of this product on my face. it smells so good. Like, SO GOOD! A powdery smell which basically gave me a hint that it might result into a powdery look. 

My bare face wearing just an Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Rich Rasberry (Read HERE).

After applying it with just a little amount this is the result. A powdery, softer and cleaner face. It gave my face an instant glow and basically, a whiter effect. See, it looks powdery and the smell is still the same. Now, if this is long lasting? Yes it is. From 6:00am to 9:00pm I just retouched once and didn't give my face an oily one. Still visible and rich in texture on my face. I like it so much and I recommend this to us, workers/employees and of course, students who doesn't have much more of a time to retouch every once in a while. Agree? 

  • Gives a fresher and glowing look
  • Helps to improve your skin
  • Thick & Consistent
  • Long wearing
  • Powdery finish
  • Silky smooth in texture
  • Smells so good
  • Doesn't need to retouch all the time
  • Doesn't smear
  • Thick and kinda heavy
  • Pump so much product 
  • It somehow gives my skin a patchy looking skin (probably the way I apply it or it's too whity for me, just probably)
  • Too powdery at times
So, this can also act as a base if you still want to apply something else. But for me those patches can easily covered by a good concealer, like what I always do. If you have the same product please let me know about your experience so that I can find out if there will be other stuffs about it. And also probably of my skin type which is Normal-Dry. Oh well, whatever that is, I'm definitely gonna purchase this again. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. A very well written review. I agree, instructions in English allows non-koreans like me to know how to go about the product!!



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