REVLON Custom Eyes Mascara

Hello ladies! I'm back with a mascara review. Sorry but I think I'm getting obsessed with it. Ohhh! gawd! Is this bad? HAHA. Maybe because now, I have a longer eyelashes and I really wanna flaunt it. 
Anyway, I got this from the BDJ Event last month.
So generous that they gave us this to almost all of the participant of the event. 
Let's get started.


It's not a very typical packaging. We are used to buy mascaras alone and not in a form like this. Well, I guess, it's because of the thought that they want to show us. "The  Wand" that they has a 2 way form of application which I will tell you in a bit.   

I liked how the color sound. HAHA. But this actually looked black from a far but yeah, brown if you are to look at it closer.

Back par.

It has 2 languages. Good thing that this has in English. Coz, seriously, other brand/s don't translate it in our International Language which is English

Fresh from it's box. I love the presentation of this. Looks nice and very organize. Teehee! 

And this is the part that I was telling you about the wand. 

I this photo I switched it in no. 1. 

The result is this. 

Now, in no. 2. 

The result. 
See how the part of the wand went down?
I hope this pictures gave justice! HAHA. 

Look bulky but it isn't. A stylish sleek one actually. Just a longer version of your old mascara.

I was terribly confused if i'll dip it or not 'coz I know that the product will cover the wand color. HAHA. And it did,(Of curse) HAHA
It's not so thick and it is very consistent and also it doesn't dry fast. But what I just don't like about is is the smell. There are time that my eyes get teary every time I apply this on my eyelashes. And obviously, it's not water proof. 

Look at my eyelashes without any mascara on, it looks fuller now than before. Thank you, Virginia Olsen. (Review HERE

First coat is actually okay but if you feel like you want more you can coat it twice or so.

On to the second coat. See how fuller it is? But notice that my lashes are more clumpy and spidery looking? Which is not good. They will make your eyes smaller whereas if they are properly coated your eyes will look a bit wider than the usual. 

See how they look longer? 
Overall, this is a so-so product for me because as I've said up there. 
It's not water proof so, obviously this may smear or somehow gives fall outs after a day or hours instead. I would definitely suggest  that you wear water prof mascaras because of 3 things: 
1.) It'll save up you from any smearing or so within the day of work, class or what.
2.) It has the power to last longer than it should.
3.) Saves your time and effort. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. same thought dun sa wand.. heheheh cute nga ng color ng wand.... bongga na ng lashes mo.. still need to save for VO's sophia eyelash enhancer :)

    1. Hello Anne! Thank you for that! HAHA. Check out VO's page for some sale ng VO. Try mo ha then let me see it ha. :)


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