Hello, ladies! How's your day? Mine was a bit trying because this day, Election. I participated in PPCRV as a Poll watcher and yeah, I feel so honored to serve people and most of all, Seniors. Makes my heart pump better. 
Okay so, I'm reviewing this product that I got last month from Sample Room hours before my birthday which is tomorrow. Gawd! I can't contain my excitement. HAHA. I'm turning 24 and I feel so blessed with my family, friends, partner and all the things I got from blogging. Thank you, ALL. Anyway, let's get started. :)

Do you really get even skin with those whitening products that you use? Or basically, do you get the right amount of moisture that your skin needs? I bet you, not, ALL. I so love lotions and in fact I have a wide range of collection of it. But, the sad part My skin's still dry before. But now, after I use several good ones, it''s a bit better than before. I used to visit my Derma to have it check, she gave me prescriptions and all and it honestly worked. So, what I need now is a product to again, maintain the PH level of my skin. And to basically, keep it moisturize.


I love how glossy the packaging is. And they printed it with my favorite color, too. Orange which fits the weather and it looks so cool so fresh.

There are a lot of products coming out of the the market that offers high SPF's and contains whitening effect on our skin and a lot more. But what we don't know is that the percent of those in it. Right? Or the things it do for our skin.

This is where you can find them. And as much as we are concern, we would like to know what's in there. Though, we exactly don't know what's written it's better to read information to know a bit from it. 

I think this has a good nozzle. It controls the product inside to come out. 

It's very rich and the texture is so smooth, light and thin. 
It's not sticky or tacky when applied. The consistency is very fine, I meant, It's not too watery-not so think, yeah, you know what i mean. It gives your skin a dewy effect and feeling.And I know whats your concern, if it gives that sticky feeling when you get sweaty and all? No, it doesn't. Short but true. 

And the smell? Gawd! I love it! It has a fresh dewy smell and it's not too stinky. Very light and mild on the skin, though it has a smell I don't think it'll clog on your pores. Just don't forget to scrub your skin lightly when taking a bath. I'm hooked with this! That's all I an say. :)

I'd better go to sleep to prepare for tomorrows work and BIG DAY! Happy Birthday to me. 


  1. Imma try this. I'm attracted to anything that promise whitening. :)

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. I think this is perfect for the summer heat nowadays! At least it'll absorb faster while also providing sun protection :)

    New follower by the way!


    1. Hello Ari! Thank you! Yes! I think this is a perfect one for us this summer. It cools up the skin and yeah, lightens the skin a bit. See you around! :)


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