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Oooola! I'm back with a nail polish review. It's been, I think 3 weeks or so since my last review on this series of product and I'm loving them. The wide range of their colors gives me a hard time decide. 
And this time, i'll be giving my thoughts on their Washable Nail Polish. 

Girlstuff Washable Nail Polish is water based. Thus, it can be removed simply by washing hands with soap and water. Does not contain any HARMFUL CHEMICALS. It is formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free, thus safe to use.  -Girlstuff 

You read it. They are Formaldehyde-free, it is a toxic substance. It's an organic compound and it is a gas at a room temperature(talk about chemicals HAHA.)  And also, it's Toluene-free and usually added in gasoline(you don't want that on your nails, right) again, it's a toxic substance that when inhaled may cause a hard time breathing. Can be smelled in solvent paints. Harsh. right? And it's DBP-free, actually it also contains toluene ad it is a plasticizer which makes the nail polish flexible. Call them the BIG 3 when people talk about safe and toxic-free nail polish. :)


It's very Eco-friendly.with just a thin board like cover at the back where the infos are most likely can be also seen there. 

It's very tiny that even kids can get their hand on it, :)

It is obviously made in France. That's is why the BIG 3 are not present. HAHA. Genius! 

And what I also like about this is that the expiration date is indicated. Not unlike other nail polishes, we keep on using them after like years. Guilty? Oh! I am, too. But, I've learned my lessons. They all have side effects at the end, we may not see or feel it now but believe me, it'll pay off at the end of the thread. 


The brush is not like the one we use that leave streaks on our nails. This one gives a nice stroke and consistent, The smell is just fine. No hard smell or toxic/chemical smell. It's so mild.  
I love how the color on the bottle just transferred on my nails. I meant, when we buy nail polishes and they don't have a color wheel of their products we tend to trust the color on it's outside appearance, right? Then we get to try it, sometimes we get disappointed of it's color when it is applied. But this one isn't like that, what you see is what you actually get. Even with their other nail polishes.

I tested it if it's gonna last when coated with a base coat and of course the clear finishing one. 
Look down! 

I dipped it. Testing if it's gonna last or what. You know what I also like about this?
It dries so fast that you don't need to wait for basically, 30 minutes for it to dry. 

I failed! HAHA. This really is a washable one. Whatever you do, it simply goes out of your nails once it is contacted with water. I think this is perfect for a one day event or use. In photo shoot or maybe for kids at the tight age can also use this since it won't harm them. 

Girlstuff is now open in SM Megamall. And they also have a store in SM North, MOA. 

xo, A. 

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  1. my 4 year old cousin is actually asking me for this. hahaha!



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