BYS Concealer Stick in Light

Concealers are one of the girl's best friend. For a simple reason, to conceal the imperfections on their faces. Right? And so, I give you this. Let me share you a bit of how I got this awesome concealer. A month ago, I went to SM Megmall (which I normally do everyday,honestly speaking) to find some new items to try and I saw BYS's kiosk at the Department Store which I don't think have anything good buy that was "BEFORE" (Oh yeah! My bad) Then, I saw this! I actually wanted the liquid one but it somehow changes in color once it is applied. Went to MOA and again, eyed on this but  it was out of stock. Then one day, I received a text from them saying that they are on sale. GAWD! On sale?! Whew! I got this for only 280php which id originally 349php. Nice ha?! I feel like I'm the happiest kid that time. 

I like how compact this is but sadly the ingredients are not printed on the container which is I think an important thing for us, buyers. But it's very sleek and tiny, fits well on my makeup bag.   

Since it is a stick, we usually expect that it is so creamy and thick. But this one is not, it's very light when applied. the smell is very neutral and honestly? smells like my grandmas perfume that I like smelling. Smells like new clothes bought straight from a store. 


Do I really need to post this?! HAHA. Look at my eye bags. HAHA. It's not too dark, yes, but this is still not good. So, I barely need a concealer that will suit my skin. 

After 10000 billion years of looking for a perfect concealer I already found it! And yes, this has a yellow undertone which gives a good effect to those who has black panda eyes like mine. Set this with Ben Nye Banana which will be soon on my blog. Gawd that product! Awesome! Anyway, I've tried a lot and this gave me the best result, even when I'm out and about. It doesn't smear or fade. It stays almost  the whole day. And it also gives the perfect coverage not thick but just right to cover your blemishes, dark spots and your eye bags and it's the lightest ever! 
So, if you still have thoughts and doubts, visit any BYS Kiosk and see it yourself. 

Well, isn't it so obvious? I loved it and I hope you all do. :) 

xo, A. 

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  1. I also love this concealer. It's very easy to blend and covers all my blemishes :)


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