Etude House's Color my Brows

Hey guys! Well, I'm kinda reviewing some of my favorite items and so far, I'm really loving them,more. One is I guess my eyelashes and also, my eyebrows. Who doesn't want a perfect eyebrows?  

Eyebrows are actually not twins, they are just sisters. Remember that, ladies. 
Nothing is perfect but what we can do is to give it all our best and try not to waste anything, right? 


Etude House is a store from Korea who now has branches in the Philippines which i don't know how many (Saaarrry BUT Hooooray! for their awesome products! Hoooray!!!).
Filipinos tend to try and buy products are merely from other country who just migrated here in the Philippines. And I think that Etude House is one of the pioneer country who give their best shot to invade the Beauty industry. And luckily, they did. They got lots of good items which in short, they now  have the heart of the Filipinos because of their products. 

The packaging's Eco-friendly (Thumbs up for that!) It's in a cardboard form like half opened box. I liked it though I think you wont use it anymore. Hihi.

Comes in a small plastic mascara tube like. 

First look? It really is like a mascara because of the wand. I just have thoughts about this. If it dries fast and can it really distribute right amount of product and so. 
But Etude House never fails to disappoint me or maybe also you. It didn't dries up so fast and yes, it does distribute right amount of product for your eyebrows. Gees! That was though! HAHA. 

Okay, so my sister asked me. Why do you have to put that pa?! 
My answer? Simple to make set the product on your eyebrows and to give it more color and life. Not that flat looking, plain and lifeless eyebrows. We need to show them some love, lovies! Right??? 

It doesn't have a bad smell. A neutral smell actually. It's in a creamy form and really has a very consistent color. Gawd! I'm loving it! 

Here's a tutorial on to achieve that almost perfect eyebrows. 

I hope you learn something from this. So, try putting eyebrow mascara and learn how to make your eyebrows looks stunning! 

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xo, A. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Hello! I got this for 300-390php i'm not so sure. Get yourself one! :)

  2. i do have this and its so hard to use. (due to the fact maybe that this is the first time that i've ever used a brow product) i got it in #3. i guess i have to shape my eyebrows accordingly first before using it. do you have a tutorial in re to this?

    1. Hey Riza! :) Well at first I find it confusing before what you only have is a wand but I suggest try to use a smaller and more sleek wand that you can get in SUESH(disposables). It can help you to shape your brows. I have here a tutorial on how you can shape your brows but if you're still confuse you can have it shaped in brows/waxing studios. :) Hope this could help!

      Thank you, Riza! :)

  3. thanks for the tip, really helpful !^_~

  4. Nice post. Etude House It is really is like a mascara because of the wand.Here i got information about swatch.which is creamy form and really has a very consistent color.The eyebrows tutorial is very useful.Please give more idea for Skin Whitening treatment.Because it helps to improve our skin tone also.


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