MeMeMe Beat the Blues (Sunbeam)

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Ever wonder why people get to change their face appearance in a minute? The answer? HIGHLIGHTER
Highlighter and Bronzer are my Best Friends. They are exactly the opposite  of each other.

BRONZER helps to reduce a part of your face by contouring it.
HIGHLIGHTER  helps to accentuate  your best features  that will give you that glowing looks in an instant.

At first, it does look like  a  foundation for me and I honestly thought that it's big and I was wrong. Oh! Fail. 
I like the fact that it is packed like this but honestly, having this inside your bag is like a no-no. Why? It's a bottle dude and it weighs to much when itemized with my other make-up must have for-a-day. 

By simply looking outside of it, you can finally see that this will give your skin a healthy and luminous skin with it' sheer  color.

12ml is  too much, so you can have this  for months already. 

Actually, don't have to use the tip because it's not hygienic to use it directly on your face, although it's yours, you know for a fact that you do then someone will ask for a little and whhhala! You're guilty! 

Instead of using the tip of this, try to just dub a little on your hand because you'll be needing a bit for your whole face.
Remember, a little goes a long way. And you wouldn't want your face to look super shiny, right?  

Right after I got the package, I opened it and see how pigmented/rich it is. I'm just so happy to know that I proved myself wrong that this will give justice. HAHA. Look how consistent that it, how rich (again?) and thick that it doesn't slip onto my wrist. 

The smell's great, very neutral . 

Spread it and look how pigmented it is. 

Rubbed this a bit and look, still there huh?!. And every time I wear this on my face , It doesn't smear or if you try to  smudge it, it won' t go anywhere. Foundation and Powder might smear, but this, wont. 
Trust me, this will help you to show more of your face and count me in, I know ,it's very humid but this will not leave your face. :)

 xo, A. 

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  1. This looks very similar to Benefits's high beam ^_~

    1. Hello! I think this like the best dupe of high beam. :)


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