Diana Stalder Whitening Roll-on

If there's one thing that I should be proud of? My underarms. SRSLY... 
I haven't tried anything yet, from the old traditional way which is "tawas" and now Roll-ons and sticks.
Sweat? Sure. Smell? Sure. Feeling jacked up? Sure. And one thing is for sure, I don't need Anti- Perspiration product for a simple reason. I don't sweat a lot there and my underarms are not that dark at all. (Please do not get offended :| ) 
Honestly, I am so shy to tell you guys this because that is one of my secrets that I'm not so-so proud to tell (BUT now, you know na!) . Maybe they would say I'm like this or that, but don't get me wrong that's UNDERARMS, I know. But I really wanna share how wonderful and effective this product is to you, all. 

I got this for from Diana Stalder and honestly, I was a bit hesitant because maybe this wouldn't work or maybe this one has so much of a chemical in it. We are in a phase where in our industries creating so much of  whitenings and other stuffs related to Beauty and Wellness, right? So, I think it is fair to kinda think first before trying or at least before buying it. Make sense? 
I really don't know why DS Products makes it to my daily routine, I don't know and I can't explain it but one thing is for sure, I trust them a lot. That's why I gave this to my sister for her to try it since she's the one using things like this one.


The packaging really look like a normal deo bottle we usually see in the grocery store. 
But I think, this one is bigger in height or should I say slimmer. It just has sticker and prolly the reason why they don't want to invest more on the packaging is that, they wanna invest more on the products effectiveness and performance, right? 

They are very particular in the things listed at the back. Instead of putting anything why not put the simplest word to describe the product which they obviously did. 

Dry part.
Wet part.

My sister was the one who actually used this because like what I said, I don't use this kind of product.
According to her, this gave her the BEST result. She already used all those commercialized product and nothing happened. She bought the cheapest and the most expensive just to lighten her underarm caused by "I don't know, really" HAHAHAHA. Then she told me, "Ate, this works better than those (pointing on our dresser" I was like, How long are you using this na? She replied, About 1 week. I was shocked because I never thought that this would work on her but it did. 
Again, According to her, It's not sticky at all after applying it, it dries so fast in like 1-2 mins and you'll never feel sweaty after applying it. Somehow,her underarms lighten more like a bit. It does make a difference. I asked her if I can take photos of her and she was like, "Ay, Ayoko nga!" I replied, trust me. She answered back, "I'll tell you nalang my experience on this" Okay then, I answered her. 

 AHHHHHH!!! I just can't believe how this works so perfectly. 
Thank you, Diana Stalder. I hope this can do justice to those people who don't believe maybe because it's something very usual that others loses their hopes on making their armpits lighter (DON'T guys!) Try this and I can assure you that this really works. I know my sister and I saw the result. And the smell is so fresh not a typical deo scent smell that kinda smells like chemically scented. This one has a more natural scent.  

Visit any Diana Stalder store, but and try it yourself.

 xo, A. 

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  1. thank you for sharing this post btw, where did you buy this? i would love to try this product :)

    Space and Randomness

    1. Hello!!!! Sure thing, You can go directly on their FB page dear and get the store locations. They're not avail in the market only in their clinics. :) Glad you liked it! :)

    2. Sure. And let me know if it did work for you. My parents are using this too. Grabe lang. HAHA.


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