Dine with Cabalen

The In thing today? FOOD.

Instead of dining in Viking and Buffet 101 I've decided to dine here. Since I'm effin hungry and looking for Jap and Filipino food I ended up here. 
My treat last January for ze boyfriend and after treating him, he got me new stuffs also. 

I came in like 6pm and right after an hour people started to come. 

My First Plate.

Second Plate.

My love affair with Maki's I just ate a whooooping 14 pcs. :)


I find their food very Delicious! Need to say more? I am a Filipino (Very PROUD to be) that is why I paid t visit them.  
Foods very tasty and humbly done. Very plain in the eyes but once you taste it, you'll surely love it.  
After this Buffet, the next meal that I had? Lunch the other day. HAHA. 
I just payed 398 PHP exclusive of drinks
+ 40 for a bottom drink of choice. 
Go visit Cabalen now! 

 xo, A. 

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