ACNE is a skin disease commonly found during adolescence stage.
And the one you see at your back or any part of your body is called "bacne"

What Causes Bacne?

There is no scientific explanation for what causes back acne. Stress, oily or fatty foods, excessive sweating and even genes do not seem to play a role in the causes of back acne, according to the Acne Resource Center. There is also no proof back acne is developed from tight clothing, excessive sweating and heavy backpacks (although it is possible 'bacne' is exacerbated by this). -beauty.about.com

Well, I actually don't have stubborn bacnes but sometimes I do (I'm also human you guys!)  , and if I do have it I don't feel like exposing my back.  Gawd! Not wearing anything that's  comfortable , i mean, talk about the weather! It's so warm in our country, agree? It's like torturing your skin. So to give and show some love by putting sunscreen all over your body including your back and keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water and allow your body to acquire it by simply exercising and  maybe taking vitamins. 


Like what I said to the other review that I did from Celeteque (review HERE) which is also from Sample Room. The box looks so decent from it's glossy texture and it has a very vibrant color (Great job, Celeteque!) which is very attractive from a far. And it is sealed(take note) which is a very good point, I think. They're giving us the assurance that we most likely need. And I think that having it sealed that way? Will develop a more concrete idea that the product is effective and yes, may build trust as well.  


Photo credit from Sample Room

I really like the idea that it is a spray one because it can evenly distribute the product on the skin.   

Very labeled huh?! I like reading all at the back of each product. HAHA. Wirdo! 

I like that it has a very neutral smell that wont clog our skin that can also give more acne or something to worry about. I tried it thrice and it kinda gives my skin a soothing feeling. Refreshed and Moisturized.  Make sure to ask for help in spraying this on your skin and after applying it, make sure that it's really dry and absorbed before dressing. 

To make this review short, it helps my  skin to look fairer and bacne marks are lighter and dead skin cells are washed away(I think)  and yeah, keeps it from coming back. I think this more like a prevention step that you should take because we need to give our back skin some love!

 xo, A. 

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  1. I've been meaning on giving this product a try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


    1. Hello! Sayang! Wala n stock yung Sample Room, nung isang araw meron pa eh. Anyway, you should this try one, it really works and will prevent your skin from bacnes. :)


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