Céleteque Advanced Anti Aging (Anti Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil)

FINALLY! After months of my last purchase at Sample Room... Here I go AGAIN.
Eeek! I so wanted to try this product and I feel like it's gonna be my survival tool for every single day. 
It's a 4-in-1 oil which contains the following: 
Make-up remover
Isn't that great? 4 benefits in 1 bottle? I actually ordered two (2) from SR but this gives me the rush to get my hands on compared to the other one. * giggles* 

They say [that] in order for you to use any Anti-Aging Serums, Oils or Cream your age should range between 30-40 years old and not to emphasize it, I'm just around 20's. *wink*. I know that I don't need this now but I also know using it will benefit me someday. And yes, wrinkles? I'm not claiming them all but with all the rubbing, smiling, stress or any other face reaction, we gather lines and wrinkles which unfortunately not good. It makes us feel worry and may lead to more stress and in the long run will give us MORE, right? 

The best way to fight that stress, guys? SMILE, LAUGH and BE MORE CONFIDENT

My first time to try and see an Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Hydrant and Make-up Remover in one. (Didn't I say that already?) Ehh! I just so love this! It's really amazing to know that [that] 30 ml bottle contains "SO MUCH" of it's worth and priceAnd have you ever tried using pure oil to remove all the makeup on your face? Yes, we do but I mean with all that in one? Uh-uh! This! Used this with and without makeup on. I was hesitant  to use it at night because I might experience and end up with "more oil" on  my T zone especially on my nose but it didn't. Morning after, I noticed that my skin has a different glow and my pores kinda shrunk a bit that it gives my skin a luminous look. Great Job! :) 


The packaging really looks decent and I mean "eye catching". It has a glossy texture that's enough to make it look "so pricey" (but I'm not saying its pricey, this one cost around 369.00 PHP) worth your money huh?! 



I' really don't know what's with the color purple/violet? It always does the trick on me. 
I find it so neutral, I find it girly but sometimes  boyish . What's wrong with my instinct? HAHA. 
Forgive me, but I just so find this very appealing and vibrant to my eyes! And again, very much excited to try it. 

Drop some of this on a cotton ball or pads and simply wipe it on your face.
With or without make-up like what I said, up there. It'll be easier for you to take off your make-up by just using this. With that you'll lessen your time using other stuff to clean your face. 

I love this product simply because it made my skins face soft and my baby wrinkles lessen a bit. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. Hi, Ana! :)
    You might have overlooked the spelling. Baka you mean decent (meaning acceptable standard) and not descent which means to move downward. :)

  2. I agree!! It really does the job... ;) I've been using this for two weeks now and the result is just great!

    1. Hey Anne! Thank you for the inbox! True that, it really does the job and I think I'm gonna purchase after my first bottle. :)

  3. Wah wasn't able to snag this. Good to know it worked for you dear! :D

    1. It did Janine. :) I'm currently using this before I hit the sack. Why? Wala na silang stock? Ako nga yung Nivea eh. lol


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