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What is sample room?
Is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. - SR

Honestly, if you're gonna read SR's description about them you will know exactly how things work. They're the best! 

Let me give you my thoughts in buying.
When I started buying stuff for my face, it was when I got my first period and yes, my first pimple acquired from dirt, blood something(hihi) and maybe from the food that I eat and lastly, pollution. And I honestly don't care what product to use as long as it will help me make it disappear. I used a lot then, from the famous & expensive ones and/or the cheapest. But it didn't make it to my "daily routine" because my skin's super nice (as for my friends testi) I only get pimple monthly and there comes a time I don't. 

Buying only means trusting for me. Why? Because you want to try it yourself, you want to give it a chance and lastly you believe that the product really works. This is where my consciousness became more active and I became hesitant in buying and/or choosing.  When I want to try a product, I do make sure that my friends have tried it already or a family member(who else to ask, right? The nearest to your heart of course.) I'm not actually into using computers then that is why I just depend on them. Knowing them will most likely convince me to purchase. 

Categorically, products for the face & body has to be on the top list of  "be meticulous" attitude. Though you use it physically which has a lesser effect than your interior organs they are most likely applied on the first layer of the skin and some goes into the skin deeper than we think. So we have to be more careful in buying and trying products which mainly can cause burns, allergies, rashes and worst, infection. You don't want that to get that on your face,right? 


Get a sample FIRST. 
I have been invited and attended some events and they are generous enough to give us loot bags or others call it "freebies". Inside the bag, there are sample products which we take and have it posted soon after days of trying it. Then, I had this thought before about the boxes like Birchbox, Ipsy etc. which gives a sample under a subscription for a duration of time (i.e 6 months,12 months) for a smaller price. And now, there are a lot of like that here in the Philippines, but I haven't tried subscribing yet, simply because I find it pricey. Then, a thought came out of my mind then, "a sample site" for a lower cost I said, then afterward I asked my friends about this ad about SR that I saw from my timeline on Facebook and I read about it. Then, I waited for its first wave and I never thought that my wish will come true (which always happen to me). 

I am very happy to be a part of its first wave and got myself a "first" sample for free all you have to pay is 100PHP for the shipping. Isn't that great? You also get to choose what sample you want that is on their list and available. Amazing! Also, when you sign up(which is for free) you will automatically get 100 points to use to get samples. Then, after reviewing it (they suggest that use the products for 5 days before you write a review) you may gain points by inviting your friends to join SR and if your review's confirmed,your used points will be given back to you. But, may I just remind you that when the samples are up or restocked make sure you are the fastest because in a blink of an eye it'll be gone. HAHA. Lucky those who get the best ones like The Editor's Pick

How to pay? Easy, you can pay thru Bank Deposit, or Card and the best thing about the payment option? You can pay over the counter. Isn't that great? Easier and Yes, faster way of paying. Btw, your reservation will only last for 24 hours or 1 day. You have to pay within that time or else your order will not be processed anymore. Maybe the reason why they only give us a limited time is because of the demand and I think that is also a practice in paying bills on due(just maybe). And if in case you like the product or it works for you, you can directly buy from them the full size ones. :) Worth your money right? Plus if you're getting a full size, no need to go to the mall anymore, all you have to do is to order, pay and wait for your product at your doorstep. That easy. 

Getting yourself samples  will probably help you to decide which fits you better according to your need and interest.

Why will I join SR? 

  • It will help me share my reviews for those people who has the same problem with me, same concern and skin condition.
  • To experience the products for a better review.
  • To Introduce and Convince them to join and try what Sample Room has to offer for them.
  • To properly address the product to the consumer using my blog, page and of course to my personal friends. 
I think that you can't go wrong with the people who already tried the product. And the best way to do that is to have something to go over like reviews and experience. And that's mainly the reason why I like to join Sample Room. 

 xo, A. 

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