Schutzen's Patent Notebook Limited Edition

photo grabbed from Schutzen. 
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How do you want your notebook to look like? 
I really don't know what's with them but yeah, I like it a lot. As much as possible I really like to bring a blank one with me. Though, I don't write on them that often and I think it seems to be a waste to just write on them. HAHA. 
I have been collecting notebooks since I got my first kikay notebook (and I swear di ko sinusulatan talga HAHA) I have like 14 notebooks(big and small, cheap and expensive) with different design and colors. 

To my surprise, Ms. Mau of DS told me that she wants her notebooks to be featured on my blog.
I was like, WAW! Sure. And we have a running giveaway HERE.  If you want to have one like this do join my giveaway. 

Let's get started..


Isn't that cute? A bright one will definitely boost your morning hangover! :) 

Front part.

Back part 

I was surprised! Can you see how gorgeous it is inside? WAW!!!

The metallic first page compliments the color of each notebooks. 

I know it's plain BUT you can never go wrong with that! If you are like me who loves to doodle and just write anything I think this is a perfect one for you!

Schutzen is manufactured by Hilderbrand. I already met the owner and he is so great! Read my visit HERE

The reason why I don't write on some of my notebooks because they have extremely gorgeous covers and paper design is that I am afraid that I might run of  pages. BUT you know what's nice about this notebook? You can actually buy a refill of it. I was like GAWD!!! Genius!!! 

Here's the refill that you can actually buy it in stores. :)

Schutzen Notebooks are available in some Fully booked stores in the metro, Available at P795 each. You may also call 8587049 for inquiries. Or you can get one of this by simply joining my Giveaway. 

I really had fun sharing this to you cos I know WE Girls love to have something to write on.*wink*

How do you want yours?
Since it's new year, will you give it a try?  And If you are currently using other notebook will you purchase this?
Please comment below.

Again, Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

 xo, A. 

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  1. like this, waterproof =) in pink / purple yay!

  2. I haven't use mine.. nanghihinayang ako ang ganda ganda kasi.. kabaliktaran ng sulat ko :) hihii

  3. Ang gondooo sis.. hahaha me din sis nung high school ako mahilig me mg collect ng magagandang notebook tas ndi ko din sinusulatan.ndi kj na nga matandaan nasan na mga un eh.:)

    1. Hello sis!!! Happy New Year! <3 Nakoo KJ talga tayo kapag ganyang bagay. buti at may refills na available for schutzen. :) di masyadong nakakahinayang. :) Buy kana! :)

  4. Ooooh! They're sooo lovely! I wish I could win one! :))


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