FACE it Radiance Foundation in NB 21

A little short story about this. :)
I got this Pre-ordered from Seoul Catch a few months ago. 
I got it last year, December(Why is it so awkward to say last year? When last year is just 2 nights ago? HAHA.). With my friend Gen, we decided to purchase this but she also got the loose powder which I didn't 'coz  still have lots(good girl na ako! HAHA.) and I really don't want to buy it on impulse. :)


The box really looks big and the color of the box is warm to the eyes. When I had my hands on it, the box is kinda damaged maybe because of the shipping. FYI, the package came straight from Korea




Isn't that big enough? 

At first, I was hesitant to pump it because it might give me too much and yes, it did. :( (refer to the photo below)


I pumped it for swatch only but it gave me too much. I can't control it. Used it thrice already and still gives the same amount "too much".

It kinda gives my skin a bit flawless looking one. I applied it on my face as well and I noticed that it has a rich consistency and I find it hard to build. But, I think this is perfect for day out dates for it has like diamond pigments in it. So gorgeous! And not only that, it does smell really good. 
Btw, I got this on sale. Visit Seoul Catch and they can give you sites that are on sale. 

 xo, A. 

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  1. wow =) you shop at Seoul Catch also =) i bought nail polishes from them.. Superlike!

    1. Oo nga nakita ko. :) Umorder pa ko ulit. Apparels ulit. :)) F21. :)

  2. Its nice that it blends in to your skin smoothly ^_~

    1. Hey! Happy New Year. It did. Happy to hear something from you again. :) You can try it also. :) What are you currently using? :)


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