Estee Lauder DayWear

Looking for a Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer? 
Try this one.


The Packaging really looks so Fab and Sophisticated. It doesn't need to be pump up so much because I guess it's in the logo already? Gees! It's Estee Lauder! What more can you ask for? Gah! The color is so pleasant to eyes so, what more inside? * wink*

The colors combined are minty soft green  and a soft bluish color (not so sure but that's how describe it) and a touch of gold  for it's cap.

It's very sleek and kinda handy.
It's sorta huge though but you can put it inside you purse or bag.

Words are perfectly printed at the back. 


I kinda like the snooze of this because you can see and control the product out of the tube. 

Funny thing about this? The products color's kinda same with the tube color.
Soft bluish mint. Hihi. 
As I swipe the product out from the tube I can see the tint already. And honestly, it's darker than my shade but it doesn't show at all when applied on your skin. At first, I was afraid that it won't suit my skin color but the tint as I've said it won't be present at all once you spread it on your face. 

It will leave and give your skin a fresher, youthful moist look. 
Isn't that amazing? And it does smell GOOD. Like you have some perfume put on your face the whole day. And If you are having doubt that it may clog in your pores? I don't think so. 

If I don't feel like putting any on my face. I use this and BAM! Instant glow! 

 xo, A. 

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