SNOE Poudre Loose Finishing Powder-Medium

I got this from SNOE's Blogger Event also. Blog here. 


Basically, I guess this is just a sample from them. It's in a  clear pot filled with the amazing powder in it. And again, with a very attractive graphic on the cap. 

Since it's in a pot usually it's just open or like this. Sealed with a metallic sticker.

I opened it so hard that all the holes almost showed up. Sad. Now, it's creasing from the cap and the product is all over and even in the cap as well. Sayang!!! :( 


The powder has a yellowish shade that suits the Filipino's skin/undertone.
It's very rich a little amount can go along way. And it's so consistent when it's comes to it's coverage. I like how it cover and stays on my eyebag area.
After I put some concealer I dab a bit of this to set the concealer in and whhhalaaa! You're done. It'll give your skin a smooth and even result. It really is a finishing powder because it stays longer than any powder I've already tried.

One more thing, I love the smell of this. It's not irritating to my nose and it really smells like a fresh aromatic air. It's not so powdery it's more a richer level of powder. :) 

You can tell on this photo that it really gives my skin a healthier and fresher "blooming" look. 
I applied it on my wrist for a purpose of swatch. So what if I put on my face? What will be the result and/or performance? Much better right? 
So... head to the nearest SNOE store and give it a try.

 xo, A. 

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