Bahama Mama's Bronzer by The Balm

Finally, after years of wanting YOU! I've been looking for this for months now and it is always UNavailable in the market. Oh yeah! Now I have it already. I got this Bahama Mama Bronzer from  Pat  on her facebook as a blog sale, which only means......  somehow she used it as a swatch or so... And yes! She admitted BUT thrice only for a swatch and never use it again.

The scenario:

My friend request list on my FB account is a hit, i have 40 FR and so she's one of those, i confirmed her although we only have 1 mutual friend and that is Ana. I browse through her timeline and look after her photos and i didn't expect that i'll be able to see this item on one of her albums (there's a lot of beauty online seller above and possibly under the web but she's the only one offering that product).

So the item is actually unavailable already but i told her and she confirmed that if the first buyer will cancel just let me know. Then after that we kept the communication, we still chat and comment on each others post on facebook, we even sms each other. HAHA. I got a call from her after few days and she told me that she's in SM Megamall, few minutes away from my work location and i was on overtime that time she texted and called me. right after my work, i rushed and waited for her. She's pretty though. :) We set placeSSS for meet up and finaallly after minutes of waiting, I gave in! :) Thanks Pat!

The Bahama mama has a very matte powder finish and it blends really well on my skin. And since I have a bit huge cheeks I need a lot of contouring, so this product is very usable for me. What I'm doing is that, I mix it with Fanny Serrano's Foundation Powder in Rajah and use it a bronzer to give my cheeks a bit slimmer look. :)  I'll post swatches soon as long as i have my spare free time.

xo, A. 


  1. Hope you put up a review and swatch of this product! I want to try out that product too! It's the bronzer used by Noe of Color is my Weapon!


    1. Hi Iya! Glad to hear that from you. I made a review about that already. Here's the link. :)

      She did! The product was AWESOME! :) Grab one baby. :)
      Thanks! :)


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