Synthetic Sigmax Duo by Sigma Haul

I and my friend Pat have decided to order our first brushes from Sigma. We placed our order last week. She's the one who ordered it because she's the one who has a Paypal account ( i mean her hubs).


So.. We are advised to wait for 2-3 weeks and so we did. And then I got a text from her yesterday that brushes has just arrived! Hoooray! ( May sasaya pa ba yun? Syempre meron. ) Hihi. 

I ordered the Synthetic Sigmax Duo and they're on sale and thats the main reason why I asked pat if she wants to order too. Shipping fee is of course devided into 2. :)

Synthetic Sigmax Duo consist of F82 and F84. :) From $32 (1376PHP) to $24(1032PHP) Isnt that cheap? :)) We are planning to buy more soon as long as the brushes are making us happy and fab! :) 

Since the brushes are still with her she took some shots for me. 

Here they are.. PRESENTING.. 

They are now my Happiness. :) 

Credits to my Friend Pattie!  ❤ YOU! 

xo, A. ❤


  1. Wow! I'm envious! I want to try out and F82 and F84 too! I'll save up for these brushes!! Sana magsale by the time makaipon na ko. :D
    I'm a new follower. Hope you could follow back :)


    1. Hey Iya! :) Thank you for the feedback! :) Add my personal acct. on fb and i'll let you know pag oorder ako sa US. Mas makakasave ka pag ganun. :) Super sarap gamitin nyan! :) I followed you back na! :) thanks! :)


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