Za Cosmetics Bundle (of Joy)

Hey ladies! 

I posted this days ago coz I got these Za Cosmetic from SM Megamall. As I pass by The Dept. Store I always make it to the point to somehow take a view of everything new in each stall standing in there since I'm so busy and yes, exhausted at times I wanted to divert it. And makeups/beauty products makes me feel so good in and out. Who doesn't? I mean, I may not be the best buyer but hey! I'm quite satisfied of what I have bought. *wink* 

I have been thinking of changing my skin routine since december. With all of those good products released in the market? I would love to try such products with great results. So, I've heard and seen Za Cosmetics months ago but not these but their Makeups. Then I saw this set and thought of trying them since I wanted to try a new routine and men! I'm loving these! 

I got this set for only 500 and yes, I'm quite satisfied with the result. It brightened my skin, gives my skin a healthier glow and look and not only that, it moisturizes like a moisturizer does twice. I think the offer then was for that day only because Za just had a Workshop in Makati thats why they gave this set for only 500 which is roughly about 900+ in original price. 

I will definetly review these soon. I'll finish the bots first and I'll let you guys know. :)

That's it for tonight! Good night, ladies! Be happy! ALWAYS!


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