Day 5: #100happydays Surprise! Surprise!

 Hey lovers!

Happy Valentines!

How's your Valentine Celebration? Here's mine and to tell you all honestly at first, it was a no-so-happy day for me and I even posted this.

HAHAHA. But I was wrong then. My partner surprised me. All along I thought he was at home in Ortigas but yeah, they can be the like that a times. HAHA. And he picked me up and waited for an hour and a half at the office. Before this, I had a strange gut feeling that something is wrong cos I kept on looking on the phone in front of me that was on my table. The the phone rang and it was the gurad on the entrance saying that I have a delivery from someone, no questions asked "it's just him". No need to wonder or whatsoever. I went down and saw him holding the heart shape balloon and a bouquet of flowers. 

He personally handpicked the colors purple, pink and yellow. It's our personal favorite color. Isn't that a wonderful reason to be simply happy? I mean some men just can't remember those thoughts of us, girls. And you know that it really matter. 

I was really expecting a rose but these? More than what I expected. So, lessoned learned? BELIEVE, TRUST AND JUST HAVE FAITH ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP. If you really know each other so well I guess, nothing could build up the other way, right? 


x, A

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