Day 4: Za Cosmetics #100happydays

Hey everyone!

Okay, so I just got out of a meeting and site inspection when I got these. I was running late for my dinner and I was feeling exhausted that time so I was thinking to get something to ease the stress and exhaustion. So I went to the Department Store. I actually looking for a good liquid eyeliner and I would swatch this, that etc. and ended up getting these. Weeks ago, I was thinking of changing my skin care routine though I think I don't need to change it now. Got these for a cheaper price and I'll blog that soon.

I've heard Za Cosmetics thru friends and from there I would visit Dept. Stores just to see it live. I'm really scared in trying products and most specially for my face. For some reason I really wanna try these, I was thinking why not give it a try. I'll blog this really soon, ladies! So, this made my day after a long tedious day outside the office but honestly, I'm really having fun though it gives me headache. haha. That's life and we gotta live with it.


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