San San Eyeshadows(Turquoise Blue,Purple Amethyst,Pink Opal,Green Mints)

Hello Everyone!

I saw my friends bought some of these. And again, you know I'm kinda getting addicted to it together with the lipsticks. So, I hit their store and tried them all but these are just some of what I liked the most and the ones who give a potential of a long wearing for me.

The actual packaging. Yes, 50php ONLY each.

Back part.

I believe that these main ingredients are safe. 

A bright and fun way to use these this season. In a tropical country. HIHI. You can easily transform these from morning to night look. 

In just one look, I know that these are pigmented and that they will be my favorite. *giggles* Though I know that they differ in collection or sets, I don't want to collect them all. I believe that other shade are very common and that I have some from different palette and brand. 


See how pigmented they are. No filter just the sunlight. 

I can barely trust with these on a daily basis. With a cheap fab find, you can empty it in a shorter span and buy a new one, RIGHT AWAY. 

After I took a quick shower, rubbed and exposed in water and still, it stayed. But not until I rubbed it so hard, of course. Now, I'm tempted to post a look using these.

  • Pigmented
  • Has a wide variety of colors/sets/collections
  • Long wearing
  • Somehow waterproof (not sure of the sweat)
  • No chemical smell
  • Rich in texture
  • Consistent with the color/shade
  • Affordable price
  • Ready to depot for those who have a customize-able palette
  • Packaging looks it's easy to break
I will be making looks with these and will share them with you, All. 
I'll see you on my next post. 

Place bought: HBC Store
Price: 50php each

 xo, A. 

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  1. hi... when you meant "Ready to depot for those who have a customize-able palette", does it have a hole at the back for easier depotting? i'm planning to buy some shades and wondering if i could depot them easily... thanks!

    1. Hello! Yes! I think they have a hole at the back and ready to depot. I'll be making a depot - ing of these this week. See you on that post! xo


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