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Hi everyone!

I'm back with a lipstick review again. I need to say this, MORE TO COME. Though I already have a lot of lipsticks which fortunately, are on my traincase. I've decided to buy new one since last 2 weeks ago and decided to buy new lipsticks to take care of. HAHA. Because lately, I've been addicted to lipsticks and eyeshadows, too. So when I bought eyeshadows (HERE) from KALM Cosmetics I also bought this to try and to have one from the creation of Ms. Marlena Stell. The woman behind Makeup Geek.

Honestly,before I had this, I thought of this tag line before. HAHA. Funny!

The design outside of the bullet has an engraved flower and I noticed hat the bottom part of it was a bit heavier than the usual lipstick that we used to have. 


At first, I thought it's so matte that it won't give any moisture to my lips because the first time I swatch it, it was a bit dry but after a few strokes, it glided pretty well. And also, it's very rich and consistent. It also suits my skin and gave it a healthier glow. 

  • Rich and Consistent
  • Matte but still gives moisture to lips
  • Smell is very neutral
  • Pocket size 
  • Long lasting/Long wearing
  • If smudged, you'll have a hard time erasing/cleaning the area 

If I will to decide, I'll probably stick to this! Because as you can see and read, there's nothing much to hate or dislike. 

Place bought: KALM Cosmetics
Price: 389php

 xo, A. 

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  1. matte but moisturizing. cool! thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. would love to give this lipstick a try too. my lips are always prone to drying so if this still gives moisture to the lips, awesome! :)



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