Glaminar Makeup Artistry's Advanced MAKEUP Workshop.

Please see the details above. 

I am so pleased and proud to announce that Glaminar Makeup Artistry will have their Advanced Workshop this September. :) With Ana Victorino, GMA entered the world of advanced. 

This happens to be my root. This where I took my Basic Makeup Workshop conducted by of course Ana. 

Glaminar offers DISCOUNTS (You read it right darlings!) And the HAPPY & FUN part of the Workshop? (Geesssss! I can't decide) Prolly, I should say the friends you'll gain, the a wide selection of free usage of Ms. Myla's Make-up (Like there's no tomorrow) LOL. And and..... The "Picture-Picture" Part. :) And one more thing! THE FOOD!!!! LOL. If you wanna know more about my experience with Glaminar you might wanna click this that will lead you to my post. :) 

Please Visit Glaminar's Page for more info:

Special Thanks to Ms. Myla who happend to be our ATE in this business. :) We love you! :) *wink* 

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