Super Sale Bazaar HAUL.

Yesterday, July 14, 2012, I went to World Trade Center (see previous blog about the event here) for the Super Sale Bazaar and to buy new make-ups and other items such as bags or shoes. :) 


It's not my first time to attend Bazaar's. I tried to be a little more excited than the first time I  went to an event like this. I didn't expect any except the fact that this bazaar is only for the girls and YES! I was right! :) Hooooray!!! But I am a bit disappointed because it's not actually located inside WTC where Noel Bazaar was then. The event place was smaller, the stalls are much smaller that I couldn't  move around inside a stall to fit or what. The booht for the ticket was a bit small and they had food stalls along with them ( GAHHH!!! Wasn't able to take pictures of those colorful  cookies and  gelatos . And the food seller was limited (mga pampaligas gutom ikanga)  But of course I am pleased to be one of the shoppers who could help the World Vision. and this particular event is for the benefit of them. :)  

Upon entering the Bazaar I was looking for Soak Swimwear but I first noticed The Make Up Store because it is the first stall you visible upon walking in. And since I am used to go in an event like this, I had a pattern on how could I see all of those stalls and so I went on my left and planning to do the "worm move". *wink* 
I saw the famous Asian Vouge who sells super "statement" shoes and other stuffs. Browse their page and go gaga over their fab shoes. then I saw few clothing booths and didn't think twice to but because honestly? some are same in design but differ in color and you could see people buying them. If I were to buy maybe the one/s that you often see in the public ( I know that they are made for the public ). And so the one of the many booths I saw was Cooper and other stalls that artist are featured and used to wear their items! Moving on, I planned to check on the prices of some stalls that sell NYX and other good recommended products the reason WHY was because some would sell them higher than others or lower and I swear even a fraction of  price will help your purse feel a bit lighter. :D I also saw Chedelyn's Cosmetic Collection  where in they sell make ups for a cheaper price and you could buy wholesale. Check their FB Page and see for yourself.  
We also saw Lambert of Jam 88.3, a good friend of BM. 
There's a lot to tell but I guess this has to end for a reason that I need to finish this blog post so that I could go to my bed early. *sorry, work matter* 

Now I would like you guys to see what I had for that day! :)

The official ticket for the event. Price:100php 

I actually had the deep blue and i had it exchanged when I saw this. 

So here is my mini haul. 

I got this for 250PHP.

I love how gold those chains. 

 BM is a fan of cams maybe because he's a photographer? LOL. 
Check out his FB page here

They're selling it for 180PHP but i made tawad since boys dont know how and got it for 160PHP 

BM bought me these bracelets (black and brown) wherein that orange one? got that from a stall along with the food stalls in our office canteen. 

 The packing from The Make Up Store. 

NYX Nail Polish 

in Glitzy Gold

in Jet Black
I goth them for 380php where in they would sell it for 450php.

I had to ask Ms. Izza what colors to get and she picked the gold one and of course this color. It's almost the same with the UD's in Zero. 
BM bought me that glitzy gold btw. :)

I am a fan of MK&A Olsen and so I got this from a stall with a huge variety of items from the twins. 

I have a variety of pink lipsticks but this HOT PINK from NYX got my attention, :)
Tried a lot from the lip cremes to mattes but I got this instead. PRICE: 140PHP 

I planned to go back today but my schedule won't allow me. :( There'a always a next time and I can order online though they're not on sale anymore. Di ko naman lahat magagamit yan agad-agad diba? (pampalakas loob) :D 

The next post would be for the reviews of the following products. 
NYX Liner's in Jet Black and Glitzy Gold
NYX Lipstick in Hot Pink
MK&A Eye Liner in Onyx. 

I would like to thank BM for coming along and of course Ms. Izza who helped me picked those liners (NYX) LOL. 

I find Bazaars more interesting than splurging on malls not only I gain friends but also it's cheaper and you can make "tawad". 

To those who went to the bazaar and to those who are behind it, YOU guys deserved a 10 shining stars from me. *wink wink* 
Thank You! :) 

xo, A. 

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