NYX Glide On Slide On in Jet Black

A review on this will make me so much happier than the first time I saw and purchased it because i'll be able to share how amazing this product is.
I got this from Ms. Izza  of The Make Up Store  last Satuday, July 14, 2012 at the  World Trade Center for the Super Sale Bazaar. Read about it  here and my hauls here.

Brand/Product Name: NYX Slide On/Glide On
Shade/Color: Jet Black
Weight: 1.2grams
Price : 350php-380php

First Exhibit:

Since it is an eyeliner pencil it is used by stroking it in and out but the fact that it is in creme texture i believe that you can use an angled brush for a more precise application. (that's what i do to refrain from sharpening my eyeliners) #savingtipfromana

As you can see I made a swatch when it is rubbed and wiped or used with a brush so that you wont have questions and/or hesitations if you want to get yourself one. Samples and reviews are made to satisfy our curiosity and I hope I helped you with that.

And since we are in a TrOpical Country, our main concern is SWEAT. *am I hearing you guys screaming CORRECT?* How to fight that? I really can't answer but I know a secret how to make some of products stay longer. Use products that has a label "waterproof". I'd honestly agree that some product has it BUT some won't work and maybe that is because of our skin, how we apply it and/or it's just that it doesn't have that component that we are looking for. I really can't decide at times when I want to splurge on some waterproof eyeliners because I am not convince of  "the promise" that it'll give me waterproof thingy. So, again, I made a swatch which I actually RUBBED a bit to give it a try if will have "what ifs".

Second Exhibit:

After I dubbed and ribbed it it kinda looses it's darky shade on my skin but hey look! it stayed and didn't gave me that smudgy smeary look. :)

I swatched some on my hand when I get to try it and honestly? it stayed there almost 12 hours not until I rubbed it constantly until it disappeared. :)
I suggest this product if you are looking for a long lasting eyeliner pencil.
You can buy it here.
Thanks to Ms. Izza for helping me choose coz if it wasn't for you and your charm, I wouldn't have gotten the right perfect choice.

xo, A. 


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