Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow in Supernova(274)


I will be reviewing this product from Hard Candy cos this comes with my friends gift to me last February and honestly, I haven't tried this on my lids yet.


I simply love how it was made. Look at it it's like a place somewhere in the outer-space and it's like a sky full of stars.  


I made swatches for a better reference purposes. The product I think is better used when wet. Because the powder and the glitters won't mix if it is so dry nevertheless your base is cream but at the end of the process you still have to damp a dry eyeshadow to keep it stay longer on your lids. And oh! Do not forget to put an eye primer first for a longer appearance of it on your lids. 

Look, the glitters didn't spread even as I swatch it on my wrist so I probably think that it would be better if  used wet(I need to try it). But as I spread it, it feels thick, I think enough to hold the glitters with the e/s itself. Now, I will make a follow up review on this with in it on my lids and it as wet. 

See you! 



  1. wow.. product looks nice! I love the packaging and your photos! hihihi :)

    1. Hi, Rhea! Hihi. Yeah it's good tho. I just need to be in a party for me to able to use this on my lids. *tugs tugs* Lol


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