One Cold Night.

Hey everyone! 

I was sick last weekend but opted to go to my goddaughter's birthday and I travelled an hour and a half just to be there. She's so special that even if I'm sick I'll choose to be with her special day. And her family and parents is so special to me and to my partner as well. 

The weather makes me so sick, terribly sick. For the past few days, we have been experiencing different change of the climate. Philippines is a tropical country and we don't usually get to feel this weather. Though we have Baguio City, the coldest city in our country. It's a different kind of coldness that we feel and I just noticed that it continue to break records daily as the temperature rises and when it constantly drop the numbers down. 

My new purchased ROAR pair of shoes. Read more about my other Shoe Haul HERE

With the coldness nowadays, it is like an everyday battle with the weather. Wearing shorts while you are sick isn't a pretty thing to do, I know but I want to enjoy the coldness in the day and night. 

I like wearing knuckle ring. I'm quite choosey when it comes to accessorizing myself. A simple ring will eliminate the emptiness in your hands. 

The Celebrant got these from her Family. Surprises are a one-of-a-kind feeling you would want to feel and see. Also, Birthdays are just one of the happiest event in our lives. I wouldn't trade that to anything, I swear. With the Love, Care and the feeling that you are alive? Those are the best things in the whole world that you could ever ever have. Agree?  :)

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