Radio Guesting on BPO Radio

Hello everyone!

How's your weekend so far? Mine is sailing smooth and I'm everyday feeling blessed. Anyhow,  let me share my experience with my first ever Radio guesting. I swear I didn't expect this to happen and I'm feeling kinda accomplished about this thing. 

We were at their station somewhere in Makati City. The place look so accommodating and I was so nervous and I told myself that it is going to be fun. And so it was. I was able to talk to their listeners via chat box on their website. We had a contest and the prizes are from Dermablend by Diana Stalder & iWhite Korea. To my generous sponsors, Thank you! My experience being on a radio station is something very memorable. This is something to remember in the near future, maybe? All of these things happens for a reason and I feel so blessed in every little thing that happened to me. 

Meet Ayee or DJ Khryz. She's my friend who works at BPO. We seldom talk and see other. I got a message from her on Facebook which I posted on my IG account inviting me over to her show. I was so surprised and glad to hear that straight from her. Ahhh! Ayee, Thank you for this! That's all I can say. And yes, we are gonna work on that something together soon. I'm excited! Thank you, BPO! 

Again, always remember, DO NOT GIVE UP! Those were the time when I feel like giving on my job and I asked GOD for something that could cheer me up and he did. Remember that when a door closes another will surely open for you. You just have to be strong and have your faith with you all the time. To my friends who tuned in, THANK YOU! I love you, all. And to my partner who never get tired of me and my events, who always give me lovely shots, THANK YOU and I love you! You never ceased to make me happy in those little ways. Yaaaaaaay! My eyes are now getting wet. LOL. Just Thank you! 

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