Super Sale Bazaar Finds.

Hello everyone!

A new kind of post starting today! Hoooray! I will be sharing my passion for wearing clothes except my obsession with makeup and stuffs. So, I went to the Super Sale Bazaar yesterday and planned to just buy a brush cleaner BUT the seller left it at their store. So, I went around and looked for a skirt. 

I also went to Mall of Asia for my dogs vaccines. It was raining then so I opted for a sorta-kinda high heeled-waterproof footwear and I ended up with this pair. 

My mom got this pair for me. It really fits my feet. 
Therefore, I have a happy feet. :) 

Should  continue to post post like this? I'm so shy and yeah. New to this! Bare with me!  LOL. 
See you on my next post! 

 xo, A. 

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