HAUL from Super Sale Bazaar

HYPED!!! Another Bazaar for me! Hooooray!
Anyway, It's been years since I started to participate in an event like this. Joining isn't a bad idea, I guess. You get to see a lot of stuff like clothes, shoes, gift ideas, makeups and all which you don't usually see. I mean, C'mon bazaars are really for holiday season, right? 2-3 months before Christmas? You bet!

I usually go from the first day up to the last. *wirdo* HAHA. I find it so therapeutic, very therapeutic. I usually go alone or with my man (who always the first one to buy) HAHA. 

If you like the store and you know you'll soon purchase or transact with them make sure to grab a card for contact/FB and/or online store purposes. Make sense?

First thing that I got is this! I've loved collecting these and stickers since I was in grade school. I would collect but never use them. HAHA. 

A pair of crown bling added to my collectibles. :) 

I simply signed up to this store and hand me this. So generous! :)

2nd thing that I got for myself. 
There's this HUGE desire on me to visit PARIS someday.
I would collect things like this in related to its shape and/or from. 
Stickers, notebooks, small stuffs or anything with a print of Eiffel? I'll grab it! :)

So Adorbx huh?! I need this for my receipts and payslips. HAHA. 

Since most of the items that they sell are clothes I, basically grab some for mi self. :D 

When I saw this I quickly grabbed it and though I only have 800 left on my pocky ,I didn't hesitate at all. Thank you, Urban Hour. :)

So beautiful. Black is so relaxing for me. 

And also, I got myself a silk flowing pants. 

And this! I need this for summer just to balance everything out of my pastel colored tops. 

In short, I had so much FUN shopping that day. 
 xo, A. 

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